It's O.K. Not to be O.K.

Feelyou is the space where you can be your true self. The first journaling app combining social mood tracking while contributing to sustainability.


Record your current feelings as they are.

You are share your posts or write it privately.


Empathize with each other from a good distance.
You are not alone.

Feelyou community in over 100 countries around the world.
There is a person somewhere in the world who feels the same way.


Feelings and sympathy gathered from all over the world will lead to sustainability of earth.

Feelyou is an official sponsor of THE C.W. NICOL AFAN WOODLAND TRUST.
We will commit to the effort to beautify the forest.

It's O.K. Not to be O.K.

Since we found that simple acts of letting your feelings out honestly and having someone say "I feel you" can help people, we decided to launch Feelyou.

Feelyou Sustainable Cycle

Feelyou is a wellness brand based on the concept that taking care of yourself will lead to caring for the people around you and beautifying the global environment.