A social mood diary
with one tap self-care

Feelyou is the space where you can be your true self. The first journaling app combining social mood tracking while contributing to the world.


Just choose your current feelings from the 7 emotions

You are not alone, there is always someone in the world who could care for you. An empathy word can give you all power.


Share your mood safely

Three types of posts. Open up, private or anonymous. You can vent anything as you are.


The more activities on Feelyou, the more social impact on the Earth

We will plant real tree based on your contributions to the app.

Share your daily mood to boost your well-being

Since we found that simple acts of letting your feelings out honestly and having someone say “I feel you” can help people, we decided to launch Feelyou.

Make the planet a better place by the power of empathy.